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We offer a full line of travel packages that are perfect for retirees, leisure travelers, newlyweds, special interest groups, cruise enthusiasts and more. We take care of every detail, including travel insurance, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the trip!

Our Travel Packages Include (but are not limited to):
Package Tours
Escorted Tours
Family Vacations
Resort Vacations
All-inclusive Vacations
Group Travel
Safari Tours & Travel
Couples & Anniversary Travel
Ski Trips
Exotic Destinations
Theme Parks 
Sports Trips
Special Interest Trips
Sightseeing Tours

Travel Insurance

Why Travel Insurance?
Advance Travel strongly recommends travel insurance with every travel purchase. Most airline tickets today and all cruises, package tours, hotel bookings and other trips have cancellation and change penalties. Travel Insurance can guard against such losses. As we all know, insurance – whether for your home, auto, or airlines ticket, is there in case of the unforeseen happening. Just as you would insure any other large purchase, your travel arrangements need to be insured. Below are some of the reasons why we think that every travel purchase should be insured.

The Cost of the insurance is minimal. It is a fairly smooth process, and we have seen travel insurance save many of our clients hundreds and thousands of dollars.
Travel Insurance Typically Covers:
  • If you become ill on your trip, you will be reimbursed for the medical expenses and the difference it costs to make travel change arrangements. (If you are ill from a pre-existing condition, the insurance needs to have been purchased within the deadline of your original trip deposit)
  • If you are in an accident on the way to the airport, the travel insurance will cover the cost to return or exchange your tickets.
  • If someone in your immediate family falls ill and you can’t go on your trip, the insurance will cover the cost of exchanging or returning your travel purchase.
  • If you are hospitalized while on your trip, the travel insurance will cover the cost of your medical transportation as well as a medical escort, if it is necessary.
  • There are endless other circumstances that are covered as well…

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